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Want to save up to £21,000 on a single locum worker booking? Fancy cutting agency commission rates to give you an additional £16,000 in savings on a single booking?

A quarter of NHS trusts like yours are currently enjoying these benefits for free through the Liaison NHS Directors’ Booking Rate Index.

Representing Liaisons' analysis of key agency rates for locum bookings that require director level or above approval, the NHS Directors’ Booking Rate Index presents an NHS organisations own bookings and offers anonymised benchmarking too. Crucially this free Liaison report is based on booked data enabling trusts to take any necessary action before the work is undertaken.

How does your trust ‘rate’?

Procurement and medical staffing can agree lower locum rates as they now have sight of whether they are booking over or under regional average rates - a new benchmark for NHS trusts.

How have user trusts benefited? 

At Trust A, Liaison identified a single booking at a cost of £113 per hour. Trust A investigated the booking and was able to reduce the hourly rate by 25%. Trust A saved £21,000 on a single booking.

At Trust B, Liaison identified that the trust was paying higher than average commission rates. Trust B reduced the commission rates with the agency. Trust B saved c£16,000 pa.

We are confident that this report could deliver real, measurable value to you.

What you need to do to get this report for your trust: 

Contact us to receive an information governance pack and start using Liaison’s NHS Directors’ Booking Rate Index to make cost saving decisions for your trust.

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